Electronic Emotion (By Eitan Reiter)

$ 67.00 USD
Eitan Reiter sound pack delivers experimental, rich and punchy samples that will electrify your productions.

About the pack

Transient is proud to present “Electronic Emotion” by Eitan Reiter, a collection of 1000 + superbly detailed unique sounds and mind-bending effects recorded and manipulated at his hi-fi studio in ideal listening environments.

Knowing vintage analog hardware classics have been sampled time and time again made us dig a lot deeper and manipulate the sound and craft something truly fresh & unrestricted by contemporary genre boundaries

This pack will be ideal for any producer that’s looking to add character and complexity to their productions.

  • 1080 Total Samples
  • 5.0 GB

Listen to some demo's

Listen to some demos, made exclusively from the sample pack.

About the Artist

Electronic Emotion (By Eitan Reiter)

Eitan Reiter is a Producer/DJ experienced in many musical genres.

Eitan’s studio albums include two under his own name, one as ‘Out of Orbit’ and five as ‘Loud’ ( which he is half of )

He is part of ‘Circle Of Live’ ( a project for live acts), alongside musicians as Sebastian Mullaerrt, Âme (Live),Mathew Jonson, and more.

Eitan has played in big festivals such as Burning Man, Boom, Rainbow Serpent, Ozora, and many more.

He has been involved in the productions of many artists and film music, and films.

Collaborations  / Projects / Productions

His collaborations include artists like Astrix,  Balkan Beat Box, Bluetech, Eat Static, Guy J, Hannes Bieger, Idan Rafael Haviv, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle (Simon Posford & Raja Ram), Suicide Silence, The Doors (The End Remix), Timo Maas, Union Jack / Art of Trance, X Dream and many more..


City Slang, Minus, Mule Musiq, Traum and Twisted and many more..

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